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Biography: Jana Mashonee - The Rise
To The Top From Weekend Gigs In N.C.

By Ralph Thomas

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Jana Mashonee Wins Pop Recording Of The Year At The 2013 Native American Music Awards As Well As Shocks And Shakes The House Down With A Stunning Duo Performance With Boy Illinose!

Jana Mashonee Wins Pop Recording Of The Year At The 2013 Native American Music Awards
As Well As Shocks And Shakes The House Down With A Stunning Duo Performance With Boy Illinois!

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Jana Mashonee
" We At Tribal Impressions Love
Jana And We Know You Will Too! "

A Personal Note About Jana from Ralph Thomas

If you have not yet discovered the main stream music
sensation of Native American singer and entertainer Jana Mashonee,
you are in for a great treat. The only way to describe
it is it's like falling in love all over again. Be sure to listen to
the sample songs and watch the free videos and I am sure you
will agree, Jana is wonderful, amazing, alluring and all encompassing!
She has more charisma than Elvis, is more alluring than Cher,
and more beautiful than Miss America! Many say that Jana is an angel
sent from heaven and once you get to know her and her music you will
likely agree. You will find her songs will have deep personal meaning to
you and Jana has an important history-making message she wants you
to hear! Watching Jana is like watching Native American history and
music history unfold right before your eyes!


Jana Mashonee Will Be Making A Personal Appearance At Tribal Impressions To Sign Her New Book
American Indian Story And Her CDs. Plan Now To Come And Meet Her And Stay Tuned To This Page For More Details.

Jana Mashonee

Publicity Photo Of Jana Mashonee As
She Had Appeared On Her Facebook Page
9 Time Native American Music Award Winner (NAMMYS)

Jana Mashonee is a Native American from the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina who is a singer, songwriter and actress who is currently exploding in the mainstream music market and quickly rising to international fame. Her rising career is quite an interesting success story. A few moons ago, Jana was playing in a weekend band in the Charlotte, NC area when producer/songwriter Rodney Shelton discovered her singing funk. Shelton recorded a demo of "What I Am To You" in 1997 and submitted it to Curb Records who signed her to the label and released this single which quickly hit the Top Forty on the Radio And Records rhythmic chart.

Jana quickly followed that up with several other singles that hit the ink listings on several charts. In October 1999 Billboard Magazine listed "Ooh, Baby, Baby" Pop Single of the Week! In 2001 Jana's song "More Than Life" shot up to number 10 on Billboard's Artists to Watch chart. In 2002 Jana recorded "Stairway to Heaven" which peaked at #7 on Billboard's Hot Dance Singles Sales chart. As her singles kept hitting the charts, Jana kept pushing herself as her singing career moved along quickly. Her rising career moved her from the weekend gigs around North Carolina to huge Pow Wows and major Native America owned casinos but this was just the start of something that was going to get much bigger than that.

In 2005 Jana released her first full CD, Flash of a Firefly through Radikal Records. Since this is Jana's Debut Album, it should become a collector's item. Flash Of A Firefly is a brilliant collection of soothing Native American sounds with some great pop music all with messages in them that have personal meaning to just about anyone. In 2006, Flash of a Firefly became a Native American Music Award (NAMMY) winner. In 2005 Jana released a Christmas CD titled, American Indian Christmas through SOAR Records which turned out to be one of the most wonderful Christmas CDs every released by any singer. Jana's CD, American Indian Story was released next which has some great compositions and songs that deal with Jana's Native American heritage. In 2007, American Indian Story was GRAMMY Award nominated. Her talented manager and producer Stephan Galfas won Best Producer for this CD. Her song "Enlightened Time" was turned into a music video which quickly won Best Short Form Music Video. In 2007, the music video Enlightened Time won Best Domestic Music Video at the Queens International Film Festival and in 2009 won Best Music Video at the 2009 11th Annual Native American Indian Film & Video Awards

Sound cloud- Jana's First Hit Single!

As the prominent award after award started racking up, Jana became highly viable in the music and entertainment world. Jana is now a 9 time Native American Music Award Winner (NAMMYS) including Best Female Artist of the Year, Best Single of the Year, 3-time winner for Best Pop Recording of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Producer for "American Indian Christmas" and Best Music Video. In 2001 Jana performed at the National Scout Jamboree before an audience of some 70,000 plus people. And the beat of Jana just keeps moving on and up! She performed at the 2001 Inaugural Ball, and in 2006 performed at the White House for one of First Lady Laura Bush's First Lady Luncheons. Again in 2009, Jana performed at the Presidential Inaugural Ball, where she sang "A Change Is Gonna Come" live for the first time.


In 2009 Jana changed direction, started her own record company with her talented manager/ producer Stephan Galfas called Miss Molly Records. Miss Molly Records is quite different from the run-of-the-mill record companies on American soil today and focuses on Internet marketing and personal contact with Fans. This is quite a new concept in the music industry due to the fact that until Miss Molly Records, record companies had tended to shy away from the Internet but Miss Molly Records, Jana and Stephan Galfas are forging ahead as trend-breaking pioneers in this new market place. The Jana Mashonee Facebook page and her web site are gaining a huge audience and is paying off in sales of her CDs. The first CD to come out of Miss Molly Records is New Moon Born which is more R&B and a new direction for Jana Mashonee and Stephan Galfas.

The Jana Mashonee acting career has followed an upward trend for her just like her singing career has. In 2002 she appeared in a romantic comedy titled Dream Weaver alongside Native American actor Wes Studi. She also made a cameo appearance in the independent film Blue Gap Boy'z. Her music video Enlightened Time has gotten rave reviews across the world and won top awards.

New Moon Born, the first release by Miss Molly Records with the hit song A Change Is Gonna Come, is now taking off like a rocket leaving Kennedy Space Center and contains a very unique blend of Jana style R&B mixed up with Native American soul if you will. Jana performed a rendition of Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come with guitarist Derek Miller at the 2009 the Eleventh Annual Native American Music Awards (N.A.M.A) and won a Nammy Best Compilation, Song/Single of the Year.

Jana Nammy

A Change Is Gonna Come and her latest CD New Moon Born is something different that has sort of taken a lot of people by surprise! There are a few individual critics out there who want Jana to stay in the Native American traditional music area. But when it comes to the music business strictly Native American is a small market compared to the mainstream music industry and I think Jana is destined for much bigger things. As far as A Change Is Gonna Come goes and her new CD, New Moon Born I'd say this about it. It doesn't happen often but every ten or twenty years, the stars are aligned correctly, the right talent comes together at the right time and another song of the decade comes along. It's my opinion that "A Change Is Gonna Come" as recorded on the CD is one of those songs. Although this has an R&B tone to it, it might be 10 years from now that a whole bunch of people look back and say this CD was the point at which a new type of music was invented. Aside from R&B, there is a little bit of Native American, a little bit of Spanish, a little bit of rock, a whole lot of inspiration and a massive amount of talent. Jana, Stephan and the band has changed my whole perspective of where music is headed these days with this CD. It's refreshing to see pure talent with something new instead of rehashes! As Jana moves forward, I'm looking through that looking glass and can see that it's going to be ruff to top what she just did but if I was a betting man, I'd place a bet that she will.

Jana Mashonee ~ A Change Is Gonna Come!
Native American Music Awards: Jana wins NAMMY Song of the Year for "A Change Is Gonna Come!"
"Mashonee's voice is absolutely intoxicating, full of power and energy!", BC Blog Critics

Aside from her super talent and raising stardom, Jana Mashonee is one of a rare bread of people in society today that cares deeply about others. Aside from the fact that this comes through in her music, she cares about her fans, her Native American background and Native and Indigenous children very deeply and is always on the front lines having a totally positive influence. If you have ever had the opportunity to meet her or talk to her on the Internet, you know exactly what I am getting at. She instantly becomes one of those people who you feel like you have known all your life. She started Jana's Kids Foundation which is a non-profit organization which helps Native Youth to achieve their dreams by awarding scholarships in academic, athletic and artistic categories. Jana's Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization which helps Native Youth to achieve their dreams by awarding scholarships in academic, athletic and artistic categories, one of the few scholarship programs in the United States and Canada which award scholarships in all three categories. She also is a public speaker for positive thinking for Native Americans. Many of the Native American reservations today suffer from high unemployment rates and alcoholism. Jana is one of the great modern influences focused on changing a lot of these negatives into positives. It's a tough job but Jana is making headway. In the fewest words to say it, Jana cares and it's coming through loud and clear by her own actions and in her music.

The 34th Annual American Indian Film Festival
November 6-14, 2009 San Francisco, CA: "A Change Is Gonna Come"
Performed by Jana Mashonee feat. Derek Miller, takes home the award for Best
Music Video, Director Stephan Galfas, at the 34th annual American Indian Film
Festival, Saturday November 14 2009, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA.

There is something else about Jana and the team that works with her that is creating things like a New Moon Born that you will find rather rare in the modern age we live in with people starting to obtain what can be described as celebrity status. It's a eight letter word called humility. Humility is indeed a rare asset to have that appears to be present in overabundance in the majority of humans who are Native American. While many who travel as far in an entertainment career as Jana has tend to loose that special trait, you'll find that she is holding on to her's. While Jana likely knows exactly where it is she is going, she also knows exactly where she came from and you can tell that this special breed of Native American traits will be with her no matter where it is she goes because it has been tattooed into her character.

2010 proved to be a great year for Jana Mashonee. She became the first Native American to have her CDs distributed through Walmart, the largest CD music retailer in the world. Jana released a book called American Indian Story The Adventures Of Sha'kona. This bio appeared as a cover story in Art Chix Magazine in April. In July, Artchix Magazine announced that Jana Mashonee has been selected among over 30 entertainers as Artist Of The Year. NAIStv, which is an online television broadcasting station of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists that features programming on law enforcement, private investigation and security technology wanted to pick one entertainer to have their own online television channel on their network. They picked Jana Mashonee. NAIStv is a joint effort of Griffith Colson Intelligence Service, The National Association Of Investigative Specialists and SpyTek . Also in 2010, Jana Mashonee signed on to do a special for PBS with Crystal Gail and parts of that filming has already occurred.

Jana's Book, American Indian Story - The Adventures Of Sha'kona, is another highly interesting story that tells you a lot about her. Being a professional singer is a difficult task to say the least. It requires a huge amount of time, effort and energy to get noticed and stay at a level that makes you a living. Your only as good as your last gig or last recording and both new gigs and new recordings have to be advanced. Jana once remarked to me that she "might have a really big show, but then I'm unemployed until the next one comes along." Singers and songwriters are therefore consistently looking ahead to the next show, the next song, the next recording and the next level. They must if they want to survive and looking ahead like this in and of itself is a huge time and energy consuming task. Jana does all this very well but she sees way beyond herself. She has always felt like it is her duty to give back to Native American people. She recognized that the only way for Native Americas to lift themselves up out of poverty is through education and the foundation to a good education is having good reading skills. Jana seen that there was a huge and wide gap for reading material Native American children could relate to. I agree with her completely. There is a massive and wide cultural divide when it comes to school books that Native American children can relate to. Consider something as simple as the basic history statement that Columbus Discovered America in a history book, apply this to a Native American perspective and you almost instantly see what the problem is. Jana decided to do something about this. She wrote a book that Native American children can relate to. If you have ever tried to write a book, you will soon discover that this is a huge project that requires a massive amount of time and energy. So Jana took almost a year off of her singing and acting career to write this book with Stephan Galfas and set up a reading program in Native American schools where the children can get the book and then have group meetings to talk about the contents of the book. Fast forward a couple of years and this program is making a huge impact on getting Native American children interested in reading. Jana's Reading For Life program is based on private donations which funds the printing of the books so they can be given to Native American schools for these Reading For Life Programs and it's starting to make a huge impact. I say thank you Jana because what could be more important than to get children interested in reading as it's the lifeblood of obtaining any type of education.

I have to tell you a little story. When this bio was first developed there was no book. Jana did a disappearing act. So I called her office and spoke with Stephan Galfas, her partner and manager. "Stephan! How's Jana, she's disappeared off the face of the earth and I'm sort of concerned. Her singing career could stall - what's going on? " He shot back- "she's sequestered and writing a book." "A Book? I though she was a singer/songwriter ", I said. Stephan had to spend a good hour explaining the whole idea to me. Everyone has choices they make in life and then you live with them. Some see a problem, set out a plan and then go to it without much regard for themselves trying to leave the place we call earth a little better off than the shape we found it in and that's just Jana. I'm not sure who sent her down to this place we call Earth but she's a gem when it comes to stuff like this.

2011 took other turns for this raising star! You will want to watch for the airing of the PBS special with Crystal Gail and watch for live concerts near you so you can hear Jana Mashonee in person and meet her. Click here to review a page titled Jana Mashonee Tours and keep up with her personal concert appearances. While Jana spent a good portion of 2010 getting her book American Indian Story done and out and 2011 focused on her Charity Jana's Kids, Inc. she did do a lot more concerts and appearances in 2012. In December 2012 she co-headlined a show with Sarah McLachlan at Carnegie Hall for a magical evening.

With all she has going on and with a tour schedule that has brought her to forty nine of the fifty states as well as overseas, Jana has still found time to give back. Her Jana’s Kids Foundation has been helping Native youth achieve their dreams through its programs and scholarship offerings for almost as long as she has been an artist. In recognition of her efforts, Jana was named 2011 Woman of the Year for her philanthropic work.

Raptor Ranch- The Movie Starring Jana Mashonee

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Jana can also add acting to her resume. This year Jana’s new movie in which she stars in, "Raptor Ranch", debuts and will has been released . Her songs are featured in Raptor Ranch as well as in Crooked Arrow, another feature movie released in theatres across the country really soon.

Jana Mashonee Performace Native American MUsic Awards 2013

2013 is proving to be just as amazing for the rising star Of Jana as other years have! Jana was nominated for Native American Music Awards Artist Of The Year and her hit song Stay With Me Baby for Pop Song On The Year. She walked away with yet another NAMA award for her hit song Stay With Me Baby- which went on and won Pop Song Of The Year for 2013. While everyone was likely expecting her to come out on stage and sing Stay With Me Baby as part of her Native American Music Awards 2013 performance she shocked and shook the house down with a stunning duo performance with rap singer Boy Illinois and walked on stage with blond hair. While I would be the first to admit that not every female singer could get away with showing up at the Native American Music Awards to perform with blond hair- Jana can and Jana did and seemed to be the big hit of the night as she almost always is at these events. I will simply call this artistic freedom! Her second song featured kids from Miss Bev's Dance Studio. This performance also seemed to set a new standard by including kids as a dance team as part of her amazing performance. When her complete mini- show was over, the audience was both stunned and shocked. I have to admit, I had to think about what I had just witnessed for a while and how surprised and shocked I myself was. In the end, I have to now admit it was pure genius as to exactly the right thing at the right time for Jana.

Jana Mashonee Native American Music Awards 2013 With The Girls From Miss Bev's Dance Studio

I'll have to tell you a little story which is a comedy of errors on my part. I had the privilege of watching the rehearsal of the 2013 NAMA awards on a Friday afternoon the afternoon before the night of the event. I was out side taking a break and noticed these kids doing dance practice with their legs so I asked them if they where getting ready to do a rehearsal. They said yes and you could tell they were very excited. These kids where smiling ear to ear and full of pent up energy. I told them I could not wait to see what they were going to do. I never dreamed in a million years they would be part of Jana's performance but I should of figured. I went back inside and sat down. As a friend, supporter and big fan, I wanted to say hi to Jana before she hit the stage and wish her luck as I knew she was going to be very busy at this event and I wouldn't even have a minute to say hi to her until the next day due to the demands on her time and the people that wanted to have their photo with her. This performer walked in with a cap on her head and she looked like Jana. In fact, she looked a lot like Jana but this cap sort of cast a shadow down on her face and I thought to myself - no this is not Jana as Jana doesn't have blond hair. I have no idea who this performer is. Guess what? It was her and she got on stage to do her thing with the rap singer Boy Illinois and the girls from Miss Bev's Dance Studio. Go figure! :) I should of been paying a little more attention! Some world renowned investigator I turned out to be that is supposed to be an expert at IDing people on sight! :)

American Indian Christmas CD- Jana Mashonee

Flashback To The Making Of The Jana Christmas CD- American Indian Christmas
In 2005, Jana wanted to release A Christmas CD with traditional Christmas songs. She could of easily just went into the recording studio and recorded some traditional Christmas songs in a few days, but oh no- not Jana. In keeping with her culture, she wanted to sing these songs in Native American languages. The languages of the great Native American Nations are dying out and Jana felt that it was important for her to do this. Problem was Jana only knew Lumbee. So what does she do? She goes to each Native American Nation and gets with the elders of each Nation and learns each language so she can record the Christmas CD. How long did it take? A long time! Think about how difficult it is to learn one language and you will start to understand what I am getting at. Jana learned nine different languages and the Christmas CD features ten holiday standards, each in a different Native language including Amazing Grace in Lumbee. The end result is one of the most amazing Christmas CDs ever recorded. Music is a universal language and you will already know these songs but to hear them sung in Jana's amazing voice in Native American tongues is an amazing treat and experience. Click here to order American Indian Christmas now.

What's next? Jana is on the cutting edge of artistic creativity and is certainly the performer to watch. It's refreshing to see a singer as great as Jana be in a position to feel free to take her music to places she just feels she wants to and needs to go. Wherever it is she goes with her music, I can assure you one thing- that very special voice will always shine through right to your heart and hit the marrow of your bones.

So what is it that has everyone looking at Jana these days? One might say it's her unique ability, amazing voice and talent combined with a driving force to market herself to her audience making full use of new technology but it's a whole lot more than that. The music industry these days is a very crowded field with a huge amount of talent but Jana stands out from this crowd basically because she is Jana. She has this unique ability to connect with people and that's really what music is all about. Her music is both intoxicating and addictive when you listen to it. She has a special and distinctive voice that presents her unique style and personality that seems to just throw her heart out to you. She's different and she is unique and she's shooting for the stars. As Jana gets past the moon, it sure looks like she's getting there and getting there very quickly. Her unique blend of R&B with a little Native American and a little funk and little rock combined with the friendly and charismatic personality of Jana herself gives her a highly unique combination that is really connecting with people and Jana is starting to really fly like an eagle.

Jana Mashonee Colection From Ralph Thomas

About The Author: Ralph Thomas is owner and developer of Tribal And Western Impressions, a retail store in Georgetown Texas. In his younger years, he was a drummer and had a rock band called The Cobras which played around the Central Florida area. Aside from playing local gigs with his band, he was also a wholesale jobber of Navajo jewelry. He went on to become a private investigator from Orlando, Florida that shot to private sector fame in the private investigative industry with the authorship of his book, How To Find Anyone Anywhere in the late 1970's. Thomas went on to write over 30 books and manuals dealing with conducting investigations, formed SpyTek Wholesale Imports, Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc, The Spy Exchange And Security Center, The National Association Of Investigative Specialists,The Spy And Private Eye Museum, Lawmate America and has always had a huge and wide passion for anything Native American and anything in the music field. . If you ask him, he will simply say he's just a guy with a computer with a passion for getting things done and a fan of people who have great musical and artistic talents! There is also one thing Ralph is solid and unwavering on! He's a hardcore Jana Mashonee fan and calls her the world's greatest singer walking on God's green earth today.

Note: A Few Years Ago When Jana Mashonee Released Her Hit Single- Stay With Me Baby,
Ralph Thomas quietly and in the background spend time producing this video
as a surprise To Jana so she could post it to her fans on Valentines Day On Her Facebook Page


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Jana Mashonee ~ Luxembourg International Military Tattoo 2008
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Video Of Jana's Stairway To Heaven
"Stairway to Heaven" (2002) - Peaked at #7 on Billboard's Hot Dance Singles Sales chart


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Jana sings at the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards

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