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Statement From Ralph Thomas

Today I had the opportunity to meet with Dave Ortz with Central Texas AIM. What a great man and human being I find in him and have made a great new friend. I would like to apologize to my Native American friends and to those I do not know whom I have offended over the female headdress, tanning and other issues. It was not our intention to offend anyone. I believe that the various concerns have been corrected so let us now move forward together. It is not our intention to offend Native Americans because I love all of the Native Americans I have grown to know which has been a great opportunity for me while on this place we call earth and look forward to meeting many more as time moves forward. I look forward to hearing from Native Americans who have various arts and crafts that we could carry at Tribal Impressions. The purpose of Tribal Impressions is to bring two cultures together is a positive way so all humans can understand each other because in the end I believe that we are all one tribe in a lot of ways.

I would also like to make a statement about Jana Mashonee. Jana was in no way connected to any of these issues and likely had no idea of each and every photograph and product on our web site. Jana Mashonee is the first Native American artist to be featured in Walmart stores and we believe that Jana Mashonee is going to rise all the way to the top of the entertainment field. When she does that, all Native Americans will benefit from her success because of that. I urge you to support her as she has taken this bold move forward which we believe is both Native American history and music history in the making.

My Best,
Ralph Thomas



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108 W 8th St, Georgetown, TX 78626 , Phone: 512-864-2081
Historic Georgetown Courthouse Square Is Just North Of Austin, Texas

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