Carved Pipe Stone Ceremonial Indian Peace Pipe Artifact

This Carved Pipe Stone Ceremonial Indian Peace Pipe Artifact is of a very high quality. The bowl of this incredible peace pipe features the powerful image of the mighty eagle masterfully hand carved out of genuine Pipe Stone by Navajo artist Tom Joe. This impressive Pipe Stone eagle bowl appears on a hand made pipe that was wrapped in genuine Buckskin. This Peace Pipe also features plenty of genuine feathers, trade beads, and some intricately hand stitched seed bead work. The center of the pipe features a generous portion of long buckskin leather fringe and a buckskin medicine bag for extra detail. This incredible peace pipe artifact is 29" long. If you find a pipe like this in a museum it'll sell for over a thousand dollars. The pipe stone eagle was carved in our shop by Native American carver Tom Joe while the rest of the peace pipe was made by an old friend of Richard's who runs a trading post just down the street. You will receive a one of a kind peace pipe with similar leather and bead work as the one displayed below with a pipestone bowl from the group pictured at the bottom.

The term Peace Pipe is a white man's term, and were called Calumets by the Native Americans, named after Calamus...the "stalk" or "reed." It is properly referred to as the Sacred Pipe. The pipe bowl commonly was carved from hard wood, molded from clay or carved from red pipestone called Catlinite. Other stones such as Sandstone, Soapstone, hard stones such as Granite, Quartzite and Steatite were also used. The Peace Pipe has long been known by the White Man as a token of peace and seal an agreement. Probably, though no person knows for sure, the first time the "peace pipe" term was used was when a peace treaty was being signed. The pipe would have been used to seal the bargain and the white man would likely have referred to it as a pipe of peace.There are Calumets for sacred and ceremonial purposes, and public arrangements. The Sacred Pipe is not generally used for public gatherings. Intentions could often be told by how the stem was carved or decorated with feathers when smoked. Both Bowl and Pipe designs may be simple or elaborate, and may be carved from stone, horn, antler, bone or wood.

We understand the true value and nature of hand crafted Indian art. And, we recognize it's important to know that the artist is truly a member of a Native American tribe. So, to ensure you that this is the real deal, a Certificate of Authenticity has been included with this item.



Carved Pipe Stone Ceremonial Indian Peace Pipe Artifact by Tom Joe 1150A-NC $244.00



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