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About Painted Ponies Fine Art Sculptures!
A Painted Pony is a new art form that has swept through the Southwestern art community with a great emphasis on Native American painted ponies. In the summer of 2000, a painted pony contest was held and a call went out to the Southwestern United States for various artists to submit designs of life-sized painted ponies. The response and interest was amazing and vast. Businesses, individuals and corporations were asked to select their favorite designs and sponsor them. 120 ponies were painted. The Life-Sized ponies were exhibited around New Mexico. They brought jobs to many and the amazing artistic talent was noted.

Today, Painted Ponies of excellence in art work are made into small high grade models which are selected from only the great master pieces of the many Painted Ponies now done. These miniature versions of life-sized Painted Ponies have become highly collectable. They are done in very limited editions. Once the current Painted Ponies are retired, the demand for them continues and their price tends to go way up. They are actually a good investment and can do nothing but go up in value. Some retired painted ponies have sold for hundreds of dollars. This is your chance to have a work of art that you will enjoy and do nothing but go up in value! Because we consider this page and collection both a love affair and work of art itself, we are mixing it with several music videos so you can take breaks and enjoy yourself as you go through the amazing Painted Pony collection!

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The Grey Ghost - Limited Edition Painted Pony
By Thomas Kulina

A little known Native American legend tells of a mighty stallion, recognizable by its grey and black coat and red and white adornments, that sometimes appears galloping across the western skies as a warning of turbulent weather ahead. The story crosses tribal lines, as plains warriors would search for “the grey ghost” before planning an attack, and pueblo farmers would plant or harvest in accordance with a sighting. Although ominous in its presence, this mystical pony was believed to have prevented catastrophes and spared many lives. Click Here To Review It Now

Blood Brothers- Limited Edition Painted Pony
By Kelly Kurtz

Native Americans believed that the bond between horse and rider was sacred. These two spirits became one. “Blood Brothers” pays tribute to this eternal devotion as a loyal war pony respectfully bows at the grave of his fallen rider…his friend…his Blood Brother. Even at the end of life, these bonds of loyalty and love could never be broken. Click Here To Review It Now.
Butterfly Run - Limited Edition Painted Pony
By Jesse Leach

The most colorful and beautiful of all butterflies and a winged symbol of freedom, Monarch butterflies are unique in the way that, each year, they flee the seasonal cold in the eastern United States, and migrate several thousand miles to spend the winter in the warm mountainous fir forests of Mexico, where superstitions claim they are the souls of the dead returned. 6.5" H- Resin. Click Here To Review It Now
Spot - Limited Edition Painted Pony
By Janee Hughes

Horses and Dalmatians are said to take to each like ducks to water, which is how these black-spotted dogs came to be associated with the old-time fire halls, and why, in the early fire-fighting days, they often rode on the fire engines alongside firemen. “Spot” is a brilliant and playful merging of canine and equine friends. Click Here To Review It Now.
Magical Mystery Mare - Limited Edition Painted Pony
By Lorna Matsuda

Known for its flamboyant “blanket” of white spots, the Appaloosa’s coloring makes it unique in the horse world. Often there is no need for adornment – fancy saddles or bridles - as the pattern of its coat, splendidly displayed in “Magical Mystery Mare,” can sometimes take on a life of its own, transforming it into a work-of-art in its own right. Click Here To Review It Now

Most Popular Tribal Impressions Sellers Are: War Cry, Navajo Sand Painter, Storm Rider,
Phoenix Rising- Emergence, Carved in History- Very Limited Supply and Sliver Lining

War Cry

War Cry Limited Edition Painted Pony
On a barren, windswept hill in eastern Montana there stands a tall obelisk inscribed with the names of the 268 men of the 7th Cavalry who lost their lives on June 26, 1876, in the Battle of Little Bighorn. Custer's Last Stand is remembered by most Americans as a shocking defeat for the United States 7th Cavalry. However, for Native Americans, it is remembered as the last chapter in the Native American struggle to preserve and defend their homeland and traditional way of life. There has been no equivalent memorial for Native Americans heroic sacrifice, until now. This gives "War Cry" its power and poignancy.

Navajo Sand Painter Painted Pony

New! Navajo Sand Painter
Limited Edition Painted Pony

by Cheryl A. Harris

According to the Navajo religion, the Universe is perfectly balanced. There are times when this balance is upset. To restore harmony, ceremonies must be performed and sand paintings featuring sacred Navajo symbols.


Storm Rider Painted Pony By Rod Barker and Lauren Reeser

The sky darkens ominously. Gusting blasts of wind kick up dust. Z-bolts of lightning flash from cloud-to-ground like jagged spears thrown by an angry mythological god. There is a sudden loud crack of thunder that sounds like the floorboards of Heaven have collapsed under the weight of the rain, snow and hail that pour down from above, as “Storm Rider” charges across the landscape, snorting, rearing, and bucking like a wild stallion.

New! Phoenix Rising!
Emergence Painted Pony Limited Edition By Jennifer MacNeil-Traylor

According to legend, there once existed a stunningly beautiful firebird with brilliant feathers of gold and scarlet, said to be as large as an eagle, who lived on dew drops and whose cry was so enchanting the sun would stop to listen. It lived a long time and, at the end of its life, it would build a nest of aromatic branches and spices, set it afire and allow itself to be consumed by the flames... only to arise from the ashes and begin life anew, more beautiful than ever. The moral to the story of the Phoenix, as well as Emergence, is that within us all lie powers of regeneration, no matter the challenges that confront us, we all have the capacity to begin life anew.



It all started as a "public art for charity" project in the state of New Mexico. Using full-size polyurethane horses, from an original form sculpted by world-renowned bronze artist Star Liana York, each of the 118 artists transformed their canvas into unique works of art limited only by their imaginations. The documentary, narrated by Ali MacGraw, a long time New Mexico resident, animal activist, and one of the selected artists to participate in the project, will be your trail guide. On this trail ride you will get to preview the majority of the 120 original works of art; meet and see in-depth interviews of over 15 respected and many world-renowned Native American, Hispanic and Anglo artists, as well as get an up close and personal look at their own art and horse creations.

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Horse Whispers from Tribal And Western Impressions is a new beautiful collection of fine
art naturally sculpted figurines that elegantly capture the emotional connection between girls
of all ages and horses. Each Horse Whisper tells a story and expresses feelings that range
from love, trust and understanding to unbridled joy. You will cherish these very finely detailed
works of art at an amazingly low price and you will love to collection them.



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